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mountland's Journal

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I compete in agility and am currently grade 6. I run a Shetland sheepdog called holly who I bought and trained myself (yup I am very proud of her)and am training my mums rescue Belgium shepherd Bella. I also do heel work to music, obedience and have been known to dabble in flyball.

Interested in Animals, photography, films, drawing and writting.

The fandom I am most involved in is Life On Mars which I write fan fictions and dirty limericks for, I also occasionally venture into Fanart (retardis on deviantart) and Music videos (mountlandlass on youtube).

Other fandoms that I watch or am slightly involved with are Doctor Who, Torchwood, House MD, Whose Line is it Anyway, Ashes to Ashes, QI, Mock the Week and Harry Potter.

Pairings I support are : Sam/Gene, Jack/The doctor , Jack/Ianto, Doctor/Doctor, Dc Jo masters/Di Samantha Nixon, Tosh/Owen, Richard/James/Jeremy, House/Wilson.

At the moment I am on my Gap year and have been working as an admin services assistant at The Kennel Club to earn money for travelling to go skiing in France and to go to South Africa to work on a conservation project – where I had to bribe a police officer, got shot at by poachers, electrocuted by an electric fence a lot, stuck on the top of the barbed wire on the electric fence when chasing poachers, a leopard jumped in the back of an open back pick up with me, had to trek through a salt marsh after breaking a land rover in the pitch black and slammed my finger in a car door while drunk. All in all the best trip of my life. In September I will be starting uni. I will be reading joint honours Criminology and Media Production at Northampton Uni.

I am a massively anti-twilight.